A man has miraculously cheated death after being hit by a 15 tonne lorry - leaving him so badly injured his insides were left strewn across the road. Lewis Godfrey, 23, suffered such horrendous injuries that doctors on the scene pronounced him dead twice. A team of 34 doctors and nurses were called in to save his life after he was rushed to hospital with his body parts held together in a blanket.
Lewis Godfrey has miraculously cheated death after being hit by a 15 tonne lorry - leaving him so badly injured his insides were left strewn across the road He had a substantial head injury and his skin had been ripped off his body in a band about a foot wide. His bowel had been damaged and his bladder ripped off. Mr Godfrey, from Loughborough, Leicestershire, went on to spend 16 days in a coma. He was expected never to walk again and to have brain damage.
As well as suffering a substantial head injury, his skin had been ripped off his body in a band about a foot wide But five months after the horror smash, he has made a full recovery. He said: 'It has taken a while for everything to sink in. Sometimes I can’t believe I’m here. I can’t remember anything from the fight or the accident, but I am really shocked when my dad tells me bits about what happened. 'I think it’s probably just as well I can’t remember anything. I was gutted when the doctors told me I would never walk again, but I was just glad to be here. 'I was determined to get my life back on track now, and with the help of a lot of people, I’m now able to walk around again.'
Mr Godfrey, a cable technician, also had his bladder ripped off and suffered bowel damage and a broken pelvis Mr Godfrey, a cable technician, was on a night out on June 2 when he was attacked by a group of men - who punched him in the head and pushed him into the road, where he was dragged under the wheels of a lorry. He continued to be dragged along as the truck as the driver was unaware he had hit someone, A doctor pronounced Mr Godfrey dead at the scene after his heart had stopped beating - but incredibly, he came back to life. In the ambulance - as his body was held together by a blanket - his heart stopped again, but paramedics battled to restart it. He suffered from huge blood loss, severe head injuries, a broken pelvis and ripped all of the muscle off his upper right leg. A titanium plate was inserted into his skull to keep the shape of the head relatively normal.
TOP ROW (left-right): Holly Stirland, staff nurse; Hannah Freeman, staff nurse; Dr Nicholas Foster, the first person on the scene of Lewis's accident; Lynn Brindley, healthcare assistant, major trauma ward; Joanne Critchley, staff nurse; Bob Winter, consultant, intensive care; Lindsay Warhurst, staff nurse BOTTOM ROW (left-right): Beth MacAlindin, staff nurse; Joanne Cooper, senior physiotherapist; Elaine Stevenson, auxiliary nurse; Shane MacSweeney, consultant vascular surgeon who operated on Lewis to repair his veins and arteries; June Pindard, scrub sister in operating theatres; Ian Nash, senior pain nurse specialist who advised and supervised pain relief for Lewis; Annalea Severn, staff nurse
TOP ROW (left-right): Annamma Giboy, staff nurse; Rebecca Thorpe, staff nurse in the emergency department; Hayley Queen, senior operating department practitioner in theatres; Miriam Duffy, clinical programme manager for the major trauma centre; Adam Brooks, consultant surgeon and head of the major trauma centre; Lucy Jennings, deputy sister on the major trauma ward; Katherine Knowle, staff nurse, intensive care MIDDLE ROW (left-right): Ian Woodruff staff nurse, intensive care; Pamela Weaver, staff nurse; Sharon Sanderson, case manager, major trauma centre; Hayley Conroy, physiotherapist; Justy Baby, staff nurse, major trauma ward; Nuala Hughes, healthcare assistant, major trauma ward; Daren Forward, consultant surgeon in orthopaedics and major trauma who operated on Lewis when he first arrived at hospital BOTTOM ROW (left-right): Rohan Revill, case manager in the major trauma centre; Sarah Tolman, staff nurse in the emergency department; Tina Talbot, auxiliary nurse; Sam Rossiter, senior occupational therapist; Claire Chapman, emergency department assistant; Tim Mitchell, senior occupational therapist who worked with Lewis on his return home, ensuring he had the right equipment such as splints and braces
Mr Godfrey had a skin graft on his right thigh to correct the foot-long skin damage
He has since taught himself to walk again source: dailymail
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